Expertise in Architecural Innovation and Mobile Systems

We are design collaborative, with 10+ years experience of interdisciplinary collaboration, founded as a network of creative minds working at the intersection of future mobility and architectural research. Our passion for experimentation and questioning petrified processes lets us develop unconventional solutions. We work at all scales in urbanism, architecture, design and media.

Dynamic Foresight, Future Research and Design Thinking

We see potential in things beyond their immediate function. Dynamic foresight, urban innovation and materialization of future narratives are our goals. To reach them we work on intelligent fusion of formerly disconnected fields. We deliberately practice research, development and innovation from concept to final project, searching for dynamic and non-linear design solutions in our built infrastructure.

Visualization, Advanced Prototyping, Efficient Realisation

We are engaging in physical worlds, labs , settings and experiences. Our innovation agenda is driven through non-linear processes and prototyping to build a smarter, friendlier, more socially and environmentally responsible future. The platform’s methodology is based on the fusion of built behavior and computational matter to form a cultural expression, therefore creating architecture for the 21st century.

Advanced Technologies with Human Centered Design

We constantly question our human relationship with objects and emerging technologies, what supplies their meaning, and what it is that sparks our imagination. We strive to develop and leverage these innovations to rethink what architecture might become and to create intricately crafted building systems for human centred design solutions.

Our focus lies on the investigation, representation and innovation through strategic convergence of urbanism, architecture, mobility concepts and new media to develop systems above and beyond future insights.



Art, Exhibition, Generative Design, Research

Provoked by our curiosity, we are always in search of new forms of expression. We gain abundant experience from our experimental work, enabling us to apply new and unconventional methods of design in our projects.


London Studio

Paul Clemens Bart

Great Eastern Street

EC2A 3HP | London | United Kingdom


Berlin Studio

Marvin Bratke


10965 Berlin | Germany