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Hybrid Realities Exhibition Summary

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Two of our projects , Syntax Error and noMad, were on display at the Hybrid Realities exhibition at the main gallery of the District Architecture Center, located in the heart of downtown Washington DC. The projects were selected by the AIA Technology comittee.

We were exhibiting along ICD / ITKE , Aslı Tusavul , OP-AL, Daina Swagerty, ULR, SHO and Julio Barreno.

“The AIA | DC Technology Committee presented Hybrid Realities, an exhibition on technology and space, which was on display from May to June, 2016.  The project highlighted innovative projects that rethink how our digital universe affects the design of physical spaces.  The exhibition was comprised of eight projects, selected from submissions to an open call as well as invited participants.  These projects were displayed in the main gallery the District Architecture Center, located in the heart of downtown Washington DC. Architects have always experimented with creative expressions of new technology, and through these investigations future spaces are conceived. Hybrid Realities is an exhibition that examines how architecture can draw from the emergence of digital life, and reevaluates how we sense and engage with the environment around us.We ask you: How has the digital revolution changed your expectations of the spaces you encounter every day? How might at large technology affect the architecture of the future? What role can data play in all of this?The exhibition is organized around three main ideas; EMERGENCE, ANTI-GRAVITY, and MULTIPLICITY.”