//Provoked by our curiosity, we are always in search of new forms of expression. We gain abundant experience from our experimental work, enabling us to apply new and unconventional methods of design in our projects. //



BART//BRATKE  is a young design collaborative founded as a network of creative minds working at the intersection between future mobility and architectural research, tested in the fields of dynamic foresight, urban innovation and materialization of future narratives.


The studio is invested in the development of architectural environments integrating synthetic ecologies with shifting material states and electronic information infrastructures. We are a progressive design practice with a passion for experimentation, questioning petrified processes and structures and developing unconventional solutions, operating on a global scale. The studio’s focus lies on the investigation, representation and innovation through strategic convergence of architecture, mobility concepts, new media and urbanism to develop systems above and beyond future insights.We constantly question our relationship with objects and emerging technologies, what supplies their meaning, and what it is that sparks our imagination.


We work tirelessly to develop and leverage these innovations to rethink what architecture might become and to create intricately crafted building systems. We work at all scales in urbanism, architecture, design and media interface. Driven by our believe in highest aesthetic content in architecture, we are searching for dynamic and non-linear design solutions in our built infrastructure.


The result is a wide scope of scalable solutions and protocols, adaptable to diverse environments, budgets and interests, evoking global ramifications and personal resonance.



Following ten years of collaborative work, both with academic and professional background, BART//BRATKE Studio for architectural systems was founded in 2014.