Polyvalent Embodiment exhibition in Berlin

  |   Exhibition, Interactive Performance

BART//BRATKE will exhibit our new interactive installation POLYVALENT//EMBODIMENT for the first time  at Spektrum Gallery from 17th of march til 19th of march. If you are in Berlin please join us and become part of the interactive installation yourself. Leave a mark in our live 3d printed sculpture.

POLYVALENT EMBODIMENT – interactive body-to-video environment + sculptures by Marvin Bratke and Alexander Grasser:

Body-to-Video Installation: In this set up, the artists created a software generating a graphical representation from live-captured data of visitor´s motion, blurring the lines between physical and digital realm by using an interactive feedback technology. The project is a three-dimensional, digital metaphor of the structural configuration of geometries influenced by the precision, rich detail, fine mechanism and energy of our physical motion in order to reveal the invisible architecture beyond our body.

3D-Sculptures: A custom algorithm weighs incoming datasets from the choreography of casual movements of visitors and creates different tectonics and subdivisions that represent persistence and change of movements in the recorded field. This result in a 3D sculpture, live-printed during the exhibition, which represents an evolutionary and time based memory of the collective interaction of bodies happening during the three days at Spektrum.