BART//BRATKE workshop at Shapes of Logic 2017

  |   Lecture, Presentation, Workshop

BART//BRATKE, together with Matthijs LaRoi will teach a workshop on Behaioural Networks during the Shapes of Logic Conference 2017 in Wroclaw.

Workshop Brief:

In the context of global propagation of cities as a generic ‚copy and paste‘, the workshop will pro­pose new models of infrastructural self-organisa­tion, urban automation and mobility systems.

Adaptive networks based on multi-agent principles and crowd simulation are used to solve complex architectural and programmatic conditions in a three-dimensional urban environment. We will explore towards an intelligent architecture, defined by flows of information and its materialization in speculative infrastructure and architectural scenari­os. A responsive infrastructure that is deployable in multiple regions.

Our design process will be driven by a direct feed­back loop of different simulation software, each in­forming another as input for emerging connectivity networks and interrelated urban systems, driven by site specific urban and topographical parameters.

The workshop aims to develop ideas of adaptive and evolutionary space-making beyond determin­istic and finite solutions. In a series of algorithmic design exercises, different network principles and speeds, users behavior and needs are tested and evaluated, both by observation and parameter based criteria.

Students will propose an architectural intervention in dense urban scenarios, that is both tested for optimised efficiency and stimulating in its embodiment.