Live Performance at PLATOON Kunsthalle


Live Performance at PLATOON Kunsthalle

  |   Digital Art, Interactive Performance, Motion Graphics, Research

On December 17th 2014 BART//BRATKE collaborate with music collective NOW//WE//BAR and GRAFT Architects to bring an audiovisual experience to the PLATOON Kunsthalle in Berlin. Our studio provides interactive motion graphics that offer a realtime feedback of the visitors in reaction to the musical support by NOW//WE//BAR’s DJs. Kinect cameras are used to scan the the room giving out the recorded data, which will be post-processed in one material that creates different tectonics that represent persistence and change at the same time, like one dancer subjectively interprets different the sound and music parts.

The goal is the creation of an interactive room that reacts to users with audiovisual feedback in realtime was the intent to deliver a message of space, behavior, reaction, and movement through matter and results in digitally augmented eclecticism. The created 3d model will be further processed and finally printed as a non representational collage of the evening. The exhibition of the rapid prototyped model will be held at GRAFT offices in Berlin.