Keynote Lecture at Ars Electronica IIID Forum

  |   Lecture, Mobility, Research

We will give a lecture at the IIID Tranffic and Transort Forum at Ars Electronica on November 23rd in Linz, Austria. The lecture will be focused on the intervonnection of mobility and architecture and proposes innovative and transformative architectural solutions in this synergetic field.


About IID:


IIID Traffic & Transport Forum 2017

23-24 November 2017, Linz, Austria
The IIID Traffic & Transport Forum 2017 will focus on the role of information design in the public domain between standards and identity, data and architecture, communities and transport services.

The questions

Ever more public and private players are involved in providing mobility services and information. The design of manageable and understandable information environments is a major challenge – for providers as well as users. And it raises a number of questions:

  • Who owns information (design) for mobility: designers, communities, transport providers, data sources?
  • Does standardisation also mean loss of community identity?
  • Who moderates/advocates design qualities in the public interest?
  • What are future information needs and technologies for mobility?

The participants

Anyone who can contribute to a lively debate, for instance in the fields of

  • wayfinding, communication, visualisation,
  • data management,
  • transport planning and architecture,
  • transport service design,
  • or in the public sector from transport authorities and communities.