Time // 2010


University // TU Munich


Location // Sydney, Australia


Status // Competition


Type // Pavilion


Size // 100m²


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Design Team // Paul Bart, Daniel Tudman


Professor // Richard Horden

Development of a travelling pavilion, to be easily transported from munich to sydney and constructed on-site.



The MUC/SYD travelling pavilion is not only travelling as in over the world from its sites in Germany to Australia but is also constantly moving during the course of the day. Every morning, the pavilion rises in the east, together with the sun, and slowly echoes its course, reaching its horizontal position at noon and then descending till sunset. The basic axis of its movement origins in two identical cones, placed offset upside/down and rotating to each other. As the pavilion‘s roof is always faced directly ankled towards the sun, its thin film cells use the solar income in the most effective possible way to generate self sustaining energy.