Time // 2010


University // TU Munich


Location // Sydney, Australia


Status // Feasability Study


Type // Pavilion, Exhibition


Size // 200 m²


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Team // Marvin Bratke, Tor-Magnus Horten


Tutor // Prof. Richard Horden

A zero Energy Organism providing mobile exhibition spaces while reducing air pollution and cleaning the atmosphere around it.



Epiphyte is a complete self sufficient, modular summer pavilion, created to travel around the world providing its surrounding with a natural aesthetic , explaining modern and ecological building systems in one architectural experience. The pre-fabricated organism is designed to have carbon-zero emissions, collecting energy at daytime using it for media projection at night. It benefits from its green or urban surrounding, while providing a new and interesting space for exhibitions and art installations. The cladding is covered by a TiO2 nano layer of shaped anatase that reacts to ultraviolet rays enabling the reduction of air pollution, cleaning the atmosphere around the pavilion.
Epiphyte collects rainwater at the three lowest points of its construction, storing the grey water in a central core where it is filtrated, cleaned, vaporized and used by the mist system to cool down the surrounding and the thin film photovoltaic cells on the roof of the summer pavilion. The pavilion creates a foggy ambience of its own inside using sound, smell and media projection to attract its users. Epiphyte’s water core becomes the fireplace of the 21st century, providing an interesting space, where people gather, meet and interact with each other.