Time // 2013


University // AA DRL


Location // London, United Kingdom


Status // Installation, prtotype


Type // Interactive Installation


Size // –


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Team // Paul Clemens Bart, Coşku Çinkılıç, Eva Magnisali, Pavlina Vardoulaki


Tutor // Robert Stuart Smith

Material Intelligence and behaviour of matter, energy and force embedded in the fabrication process of an interactive, kinetic lighting installation.



Investigating the ways in which matter, energy and force can be combined in order to generate specific, partially controlled behavioural material effects, Behavioural Production is a interactive, kinetic lighting installation. As an experimentation on the relationship between frame and skin, piano wires and pre-stressed silicone, aiming to explore the movement facilitations that the latter implies, patterning was used as a behavioural template.The final outcome, a result of a wide research on material properties and energy storing techniques, is a representation of an equilibrium state concerning material and energy relationship.
Key parameters of the research agenda were the relationship of rigid and soft parts, the positive and negative space of interlocking forms and the transmission of energy and light through the design of a lighting installation.