Time // 2014


University // AA DRL


Location // London, United Kingdom


Type // Self-organizing and Self-assembly System


Size // varies


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Team // Dmytro Aranchii, Paul Bart, Yuqiu Jiang, Flavia Santos


Tutor // Theodore Spyropoulos, Mustafa el Sayed


Visualization // Marvin Bratke

In-Depth Research of cellular automata, developing algorithmic strategies of generation and evaluation and control of complex growth systems.



λ LAMBDA collects results of research going deeply into digital workflows and computational systems of cellular automata, dealing with simple, rule based logics of growth and geometry generation and both observation and parameter based evaluation.
Aim of the study was to develop algorithmic strategies of control for complex self-organizing systems through minimal input or rules.
Through prediction, observation and numerical evaluation of total system behaviour and geometrical output the system independently adapts its input parameters (rules of growth or initial generation) and modifies the geometric structure based on its statistical data and given design goals (stable structure reduction, combining in clusters , etc.).