Time // 2013


Client // Platoon Art Space


Location // Berlin, Germany


Status // –


Type // Interactive Installation


Size // –


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Art Direction // Marvin Bratke, Alexander Grasser


Music // NowWeBar

An audiovisual real-time performance that emphasizes audio synthesis and graphical languages. A interactive/reactive system between the audio and the image, between the man and the machine.



The sound sculpture was part of an interactive performance at Platoon Art Space Berlin in December 2013. The virtual tectonics accompanied by an interactive noise field mostly capture the fragility of dancers’ movements, showing the beauty of human inaccuracy in the syntax of a programmed dance sequence. The digital sculpture is a representation of individual human interpretation and implies the attributes that contrast human behavior from mechanical perfection. A custom algorithm weighs incoming datasets from the choreography and creates different tectonics and subdivisions that represent persistence and change at the same time, like one dancer subjectively interprets the sound/music/directions in his/her performance differently. The audience was tracked and 3dimensionally scanned via Kinect cameras. A Digital representation was created through use of several CAD software for Post Processing to create a non-representational collage of the whole performance in a physical, 3d-printed model. The sculpture captures the motion of the visitors as well as the music played by Berlin based Label Now//We//Bar and directly influenced the 3D model, which was printed and handed out to the visitors of the event.