Time // 2012


University // Sint Lucas MMLAB


Location // Baikonur, Kasachstan


Status // –


Type // Object Oriented Design


Size // –


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Team // Marvin Bratke, Stefanie Pesel, Christian Tschersich, Mikolaj Skibisz


Tutors // Gilles Retsin, Isaie Bloch, Corneel Cannaerts

Apocalypse most likely a tiny bit later than now. Radio Nuclide sets out to stabilise the atomic mistakes of yesteryear for the re-inhabitation of future generations.



Part fungi, part mollusk, and part machine it intends to soak up the radiation and remove it from the irradiated cities, unifying with them in the process. The breeds of this species propose to amalgamate with and regenerate most of the now abandoned cities.
The project’s core set-up consists of a programmed definition of agents which begin expanding inside in a built structure. The agents breed three generations, one after another, when defined states of expansion are reached. All breeds trace their ancestors in a self-informing loop, that stops when all of them unify with their generators, culminating in a final state that deforms the implemented built geometry.
The workshop introduced an unorthodox, hands-on workflow based on the concept of Object-Orientated Design. Object Oriented Design is a new paradigm in contemporary philosophy, physics, computer programming and critical theory and can be understood as the process of planning a system of interacting objects for the purpose of solving a specific problem. In contrast to contemporary thought and design, which views things as the aggregation or assembly of smaller bits and parts, in OOD new objects emerge out of an ecology of interaction of multiple and heterogeneous objects. Through a process of formation or computation, highly differentiated, contradictory concepts and structures can become one object, without resulting in an incongruous collage.