Time // 2012


Client // TU Munich


Location // Munich, Germany


Status // Competition 2nd Prize


Type // Information Pavilion, Exhibition


Size // 6m²


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Team // Marvin Bratke, Michaela Weiss

The challenge was to re-imagine an object that everybody knows, to break up preconceived ideas, enabling a playful way to exchange and display information.



Swoov is an interactive wall, inspired by the “Pin Art” toy and provides an transforming screen, which can be used from two sides creating interaction, competition and playfulness. The wall is designed as an information booth for public events, providing optional and variable shelves for information brochures. It creates a parametric relaxing landscape in front of the screen which allows for different seating, lying or relaxing arrangements.
It is easy to assemble with a plug system consisting of small easy-to-mill parts. The size of small CNC mills was taking into consideration while designing the several puzzle like elements. The construction of the wall is made of treated plywood, while the pins are made from recycled aluminium tubes. On site it can easily assembled and dissassembled in under one hour and fits into small transport boxes for bicycles. The wall allows as portal for information, play and as functional elements, such as a modular shelf system.
Swoov was designed as part of a competition for an information pavilion for TU Munich and made second prize.