Time // 2012


Client // Biennale Venezia 2012


Location // Maribor, Slovenia


Status // Global Workshop


Type // Urban Study


Size // Varies


Bart//Bratke // Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke


Team // Paul Bart, Guili Conti, Guido Rivai


Office // LAVA [Bosse, Wallisser, Rieck]

2112AI is a multidisciplinary workshop exploring speculative scenarios for Maribor, European City of Culture, 2012



Maribor 2112 is a synergy of mobility, architecture and urban development. Over the course of 100 years, the city acts as a soil for urban seeds – energetic nodes and carriers of information, matter and energy – that are evolving into a flexible agglomeration of structures around Maribor,
Autonomously evolving and re-combining as cellular automata, they generate ‘life”, react to their environment based on simple rules of over- and underpopulation and accordingly create not a static monument but constantly change their constellations in a dynamic rhythm.
Like a simulated self-organising system of living cells, clusters of stable condition, re-assembling or dissolving patterns or linear wandering colonies of ‘gliders’ are defining settlements, free space and natural exposure to light and the cycle of urban farming, creating an infinite amount of spatial configurations and urban scenarios with unique functions depending on their combination of ecological, cultural and technological program.
Their area of influence and application range spreads, being planted in 2012 and developing from human over urban to global scale.
In a dialogue with the old city, they re-invent and expand old structures, use them as vessels, and create new settlements and trade routes around Maribor, without interfering Slovenias rich biodiversity and forests, the Urban Seed growing on top like a epiphyte.