Radiolara Art Prints Out Now

Radiolara Art Prints Out Now

  |   Illustration, Print Series, Research

As part of a study on Generative Design we created some output graphics that were connected to Motion Banks Lab. It was an early study on Radiolara geometries and their influence on today’s architectural form finding process. German biologist Ernst Haeckel produced finely detailed drawings of radiolaria in Kunstformen der Natur (1904), helping to popularize these protists among Victorian parlor microscopists alongside foraminifera and diatoms, in addition to two lengthy illustrated monographs from field observation dedicated to Radiolaria, intended for academic study. His life ended in 1919, but his work continues to live on, providing the inspiration for a wide range of design project.

Part of the Radiolara prints can be seen in our branding project: Excess and Decay.

The studies involved basic form finding strategies using a variety of CAD software and advanced scripting tools. BART//BRATKE produce various artworks based on their ongoing studies, to celebrate the ever inspiring research of Ernst Haeckel.


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