Studio Philosophy


BART//BRATKE is a design collaborative founded by Paul Bart and Marvin Bratke as a network of creative minds with a research and design focus. The studio is invested in the development of architectural environments integrating synthetic ecologies with shifting material states and electronic information infrastructures. We are a progressive architectural research unit with a passion for experimentation, questioning the norm and developing unconventional solutions. We are small, agile, based in London and Berlin, operating globally. Our focus lies on the investigation, representation and innovation through the strategic combination of architecture, media arts, film and urbanism.

BART//BRATKE, in line with the spirit of the contemporary avanguarde, pledges research and innovation as the paramount driving force of the design process and its actual manifestation into built forms. The studio bridges experimental design and practical solutions through the rigorous implementation of physical crafts and computational protocols.

We have a fascination with the impact of emerging technologies on architecture and construction.  We are focused on how to develop and leverage these innovations to rethink what architecture might be and to create intricately crafted systems.

We believe in highest aesthetic content in architecture and we’re researching for dynamic and complex design solutions.