Design Philosophy


//Provoked by our curiosity, we are always in search of new forms of expression. We gain abundant experience from our experimental work, enabling us to apply new and unconventional methods of design in our projects. //



BART//BRATKE is driven by a compulsive desire to speculate about architectural opportunities in the presence of animated matter, organic entities and their underlying geometrical and mathematical presence. The collaborative research platform is looking at the city as inclusive to infrastructural and landscape contexts and their everyday usages. Our approach to design is based on a holistic concept of continuity in urbanism, landscape, architecture and interior.


The shift from an industrial society to one trafficking in real-time information flow necessitates new architectural and infrastructural solutions: access to key information and networks is the defining driver for the change of social logic and ideology and our environment must be able to react to it. As society constantly morphs, we conceive architecture as a product, reacting to and acting within an extensive field of forces. Our strategies aim at intensifying existing environments and dynamically unfold social relevance in offering diversity and permeability. The deployment of integrative morphologies and tectonics provide our architecture with the capacity to productively negotiate contradictions of the contemporary city while vitally challenging spatial conventions. The shared platform methodology is based on the fusion of built behavior and computational matter to form a cultural expression, therefore creating architecture for the 21st century. Fundamental inspirations are fused into our projects applying advanced digital design tools and casted into form by computer controlled machinery.


Our work often encounters an overlapping of desires, a juxtaposition of multiple functions – and tries to resolve it into the beauty of the single solution: the stage is set for the ubiquitous house – the everywhere now. We are nurturing a culture of risk, of losing control and discovering what lies in the blind spot where we cannot see. The moment of misunderstanding, the journey through the sum of all simultaneous perceptions melts any dogma and provokes the unpredictable. New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are already common.


BART//BRATKE pledges research and innovation as the paramount driving force of the design process and its actual manifestation into built behavior.