Visualisation for Kere Architecture

  |   Digital Art, Rendering, Visualistaion

BART/BRATKE did some visualization work for the Taylor Baracks project located in Mannheim, Germany for Kere Architecture.

Project Brief by Kere Architecture:

A parcel of land previously occupied as a military base, the old Taylor Barracks is now slated to become a hub for local engineering industries in addition to hosting other important cultural, ecologic, and pedestrian functions for the city of Mannheim. This award-winning proposal aims to reclaim pedestrian access through the site and over a busy motorway by introducing a green corridor.

At the heart of the plan is the green artery that runs the length of the site. Connecting a forest at the north end of the site with the landscaping to the south, a series of land bridges will be built to give physical access across the busy B38 roadway. These bridges will promote new walking and cycling paths into the city. The park is also planned with four-to-five level buildings to be positioned around the perimeter. This will not only reinforce the park boundaries, it allows for more unimpeded green space at the interior as well as creating a physical sound barrier for offices and side streets. Shorter buildings that are scaled closer to the surrounding city will be placed at the outermost edge of the development.